Norfolk Office

Joey Nathan

Executive Director

Joel “Joey” Nathan, Executive Director: Ms. Nathan has served as NPHA Executive Director since 2012 and has served the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska in various capacities for more than 24 years, with more than 17 years of experience in production, supervision, scheduling, and project management. Read More

Justine Knapp

Office Management Coordinator

Justine Knapp has served the Northern Ponca Housing Authority in various capacities since 2011. Her roles have included administration, secretarial duties to the NPHA Board of Commissioners, admissions and occupancy of low-income rental units, property management, human resources, development, homeownership and real estate transactions. Read More

Don Magnuson


Mr. Magnuson has served as NPHA’s Comptroller since 2020, and has been with NPHA since 2011.   He currently is leading the Finance Department in administrating multiple grants, including the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, Homeowner Assistance Fund,  American Rescue Plan Fund, and multiple ICDBG grants. Read More


Alex Villalpando

Maintenance Project Coordinator

Mr. Villalpando has been the Maintenance Project Coordinator for Northern Ponca Housing Authority (NPHA) for over 12 years. He has been working for (NPHA) since 2001. He has extensive background in housing rehabilitation. He has been working in the construction field for 24 years and has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Building construction. He has construction management experience in residential construction, procurement, estimation and cost projection and planning and budgeting preparation. Read More

Theodora Medel

Housing Compliance Inspector

Theodora Georgett Medel has been with NPHA since 2010 and serves as the Housing Compliance Inspector. Some of Ms. Medel’s duties include procurement, bids and contracting for our ICDBG/IHBG projects, administrates the HOHIA program, scheduling work orders/techs, reports, inputting work orders, working with tenants and meth testing. Ms. Medel also worked for the PTON Social Service Department for 9 years before coming to NPHA. Read More

Shelby Coffman

Housing Support Specialist

Shelby Coffman is the Housing Support Specialist for the Northern Ponca Housing Authority, her goal as the Housing Support Specialist is to focus particularly on assisting tenants and applicants to achieve homeownership in Indian Housing. Read More

Michelle Thelen

ROSS Service Coordinator

Michelle Thelen is an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and serves as the NPHA Admissions and Occupancy Counselor. Her goal for this position is to deliver tenants and applicants of Indian Housing quality assistance and provide service support. Ms. Thelen enjoys getting to know the tenants, both old and new. Read More

Angelica De Anda

Records Management Specialist

Angelica De Anda is an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and currently serves as the Records Management Specialist for NPHA. Ms. De Anda has served the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska for 9 years in various capacities. Through Ms. De Anda’s PTN opportunities, she has a gained experience in Tribal Court, Social Services, Housing, Law & Order Code Revision and Election Procedures for Tribal Council. As the Records Management Specialist for NPHA, Read More

April Yracheta

Finance Clerk

April Yracheta is and enrolled member of the Santee Sioux Nation and serves as NPHA’s Finance Clerk. Ms. Yracheta has recently joined the NPHA team from the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska less than a year ago. She is ecstatic to be a part of the NPHA team and stands by their mission to provide affordable housing for Native American families. Read More

Nicole Beauvais

Maintenance Administrative Assistant

Ms. Beauvais was hired as a Records Management Assistant for NPHA in 2014 and held the Maintenance Clerk and Maintenance Administrative Assistant positions from 2015-present.  She is responsible for assisting the Construction and Maintenance Department with record-keeping for all ICDBG and IHBG rehabilitation and construction projects. Read More

Holly Wetjen

Maintenance Clerk

Ms. Wetjen has been with NPHA since April of 2017. She was hired as the Maintenance & Inventory Clerk and has held that position to present day. Some of her job duties include; researching prices and purchasing  general inventory supplies needed to maintain tenant’s houses, creating work orders, processing them, proofreading documents, writing contracts, researching bids on said contractual projects, and overseeing those projects by making sure all of the necessary paperwork is completed and turned in on a timely manner. Read More

Victoria Rubio

Building Maintenance Custodian

Marty Wright

Maintenance Technician

Olivia Munoz

Administrative Assistant

Olivia Munoz currently serves as the Administrative Assistant for the Northern Ponca Housing Authority. She provides customer service and support services to the Native American Community as well as being a part of the Emergency Rental Assistance program. Read More

Christina Froehlich

Maintenance Contracts Specialist

Christina Froehlich, an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe, serves as the Maintenance Contracts Specialist. Her daily duties include scheduling the maintenance techs, receiving estimates and contracting for the ICDBG/IHBG projects, contracting for the HOHIA program, and creating work orders to provide service to our tenants homes. When Christina isn’t at work she enjoys spending time with her children.

Danielle Bauer

Resident Services Coordinator (ROSS)

Danielle Bauer is an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and serves as the Resident Service Coordinator.  Her goal for this position is to assist residents of Indian Housing towards self-sufficiency and support individuals towards their economic independence. She strives to help anyone in need.  She has gained experience in Social Services from working at the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska for 3 years.  Read More

Mawana Kitto

Finance Processing Clerk

Mawana “Moe” Kitto is an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and currently serves as the Finance Processing Clerk for NPHA. Ms. Kitto joined the team May 2021. Ms. Kitto enjoys working with the Native American community and is very ecstatic to be part of such a great team.

Justin Henn

Purchasing & Distribution Coordinator

Maybe you have seen me in the office? Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Justin Henn, I currently live in Elgin, NE where I graduated from Elgin Public School and my parents, and 2 brothers currently live locally. I recently purchased a home in Elgin where I live.  I am blessed with 3 nephews and 2 nieces that I enjoy spending time with and a lot of wonderful friends that put up with my sense of humor. Read More

Nathan Gerdes

Maintenance Technician

Richard Torres

Construction & Maintenance Laborer

Cande Perez Figueroa

Maintenance Temp

Maria Weddell

COVID Support Specialist

Maria Weddell is an enrolled member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe and serves as the NPHA Covid Support Specialist. She previously worked as a CNA for 10 years before being employed by NPHA. Maria joined the NPHA team in 2020 during COVID. Maria enjoys working as part of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERA) and has learned so much about Indian Housing and all of the clerical duties that come with job since she started. Read More

Holly Froehlich

COVID Support Specialist

Debbra Jennings

COVID Support Specialist

Debbra Jennings, Covid Support Specialist, has been employed with NPHA since June of 2021.  Debbra spends much of her work day at the front desk, answering the phone, doing mail logs, and assisting guests as they come in the building.  Moreover, Mrs. Jennings also upholds a procurement and logistics position with NPHA where she is responsible for maintaining building supplies and helping where needed.  Read More

Dayana Vetter

COVID Support Specialist

Dayana Vetter joined NPHA in July 2021 as a COVID Support Specialist. In this role, she aids with various administrative duties and processes applications for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program and the Homeowners Assistance Fund. She has also assisted with multiple food distributions and post-pandemic relief efforts for the Native American Community. Read More

Omaha Office

Sean Hearn

Maintenance Tech Lead

Sean Hearn has been with NPHA since 2019 and has 6 years previous experience working for a Housing Authority. Mr. Hearn graduated from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Apprenticeship program Local 444.

Darren Gorup

Maintenance Technician

Darren Group has been with NPHA since 2020 and has 25 year’s experience in residential and commercial construction and maintenance.

Jeff Thurman

Maintenance Technician

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