Ponca Housing Norfolk/Omaha


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Northern Ponca Housing Authority Staff

Norfolk Office

Joey Nathan Executive Director joey@poncahousing.org
Justine Knapp Office Management Coordinator justine@poncahousing.org
Don Magnuson Housing Compliance Officer don@poncahousing.org
Shelby Coffman Admissions & Occupancy Counselor shelby@poncahousing.org
Michelle Thelen Resident Services Coordinator michelle@poncahousing.org
Natalie Dickey Finance Coordinator natalie@poncahousing.org
April Yracheta Finance Support Clerk april@poncahousing.org
Alex Villalpando Maintenance Project Coordinator alex@poncahousing.org
Theodora Medel Maintenance Contracts Specialist theodora@poncahousing.org
Nicole Beauvais Maintenance Administrative Assistant nicole@poncahousing.org
Holly Wetjen Maintenance Clerk holly@poncahousing.org
Victoria Rubio Building Maintenance Custodian victoria@poncahousing.org
Marty Wright Maintenance Technician marty@poncahousing.org
VACANT Maintenance Technician
Dave Remter Maintenance Laborer dave@poncahousing.org
Gordon Ostlund ICDBG Project Assistant gordon@poncahousing.org
Angelica De Anda Office Services Assistant angelica@poncahousing.org
Katie Hinze Housing Support Specialist katie@poncahousing.org

Omaha Office

Sean Hearn Maintenance Tech Lead sean@poncahousing.org
VACANT Maintenance Technician
VACANT Maintenance Technician
VACANT Painter/Drywall Specialist